Mr. Steam Car Wash can even remove old stains on both exterior and interior of your car without using any harmful chemicals. This also kills bacteria and germs that causes odour, while cleaning the air quality in your car's interior.Air circulates around your car, and air quality can have a big impact in a person's health.       




Quality Explained

In a service business such as car wash and detailing, it is all about ... quality service, and treating your customers RIGHT. Here is how we make sure you get the best service possible:


Every time you come in for a car wash, we would first take a look if there are any bugs or tree sap on your car.
If there is any, we apply on a special clear coat-safe material on your car to soften up the sap / bugs. Once it's applied, than we proceed to pre-soak the car with fresh water. We than soap your car with sponge and soft brushes that are guaranteed not to scratch your car.
Mr. Steam only uses the highest quality Super Suds premium soap, which leaves a nice gloss shine after every car wash. While it's being soaped down, your rims will also be cleaned out of any rust particles and brake dust collected during normal driving. Your is than dried using special flexi-squeezes and leather chamois. Once it's dried, we than apply tire dressing and express wax. This is how it looks like when it's done.

* click on picture for larger view.

In summary:
1. Bug targeted with special  chemicals.
2. Pre-soaked with fresh water / power wash.
3. Soap using soft brush and sponge.
4. Rims cleaned with cleaner and brush.
5. Dried with leather chamois / air drier.
6. Tires dressed.
7. Exterior express wax

In & Out:

In & Out package includes all of "hand wash" services, as well as dashboard / console wipe (dusted), doors wiped (dusted), windows cleaned inside and out, mats cleaned and vacuumed, and interior vacuumed.

Mr. Steam takes 5-10 minutes just on vacuuming alone, to make sure we can get most of the particles out of your car. After all, Mr. Steam's customers come for quality, and we're here to deliver quality service!

In summary:
1. Hand Car Wash package
2. Dashboard / console wiped with static towel.
3. Doors wiped with static towel.
4. Mats cleaned and vacuumed.
5. Carpet vacuumed.
6. Windows cleaned inside and out.


Interior Detailing:

STEAM vapour / extraction not only cleans and removes stains from the seats and carpets of the vehicle, but it also disinfects and kills bacteria and germs that causes bad odour such as mildew and smoke.  Furthermore, only steam can completely remove the salt stains left behind after winter driving in the car's carpeting. 

Sterilizes seats with steam and remove mold, mites and other foreign material.  This not cleans, but helps clean the air quality in your cars interior, thus helping you prevent any health risks!

We do the following for interior detailing:

1. Vacuum to get rid of large particles.
2. Steam / hot water extraction on fabric seats and carpets - removing all kinds of stains.
3. Leather cleaning for all parts leather.
4. Dashboard / console wiped with static towel, and cleaned out completely using steam brush and cleaners.
5. Door jams cleaned and polished.
6. Edges, corners and hard to reach areas are steam vapour cleaned.
7. Air ventilation and ducts are flushed out and sanitized using high pressure and high temperature STEAM vapour. (kills dust mites)
8. Ceiling is steamed with towel.
9. Dashboard / Console dressed (provides UV protection).
10. Leather seats conditioned with Lanolin based formula for rich, soft results.
11. Windows cleaned. - including back mirror, driver / passenger mirrors, etc.

Here is a few actual customer's car sample:
(click on the pictures for larger image)

2002 BMW 325 (premium package detailing)

2004 BMW 545i (premium package detailing)

2001 Cadillac STS (premium package detailing)

1999 Acura 3.2 TL (premium package detailing)

Exterior Detailing:

Mr. Steam uses highest quality waxes for all of it's exterior work. For basic package, we use a liquid carnauba wax, which provides very good protection for your car's paint, as well as giving a nice shine. For complete and premium packages, Mr. Steam uses a high-grade premium paste wax, which protects your car's paint and combined with high-speed polishing, gives a lustre, showroom look shine and finish on your car.

What is claying?
Clay is used to restore or even remove road film and other hard to remove surface contaminants off your car that normal car washes can't. Mr. Steam uses high-grade "made in Japan" clays to remove minor oxidization, and mid-heavy contamination on your car's surface. This includes those "scratchy, sandpaper" like feel on your car's surface. This problem is prone to cars that are 3 or more years old and have been exposed to the environment without proper protection (wax / paint sealer).

Here are some samples of our exterior work:
*All photos are actual photos taken after detailing.

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