Mr. Steam Auto Detailing offers highest quality detailing services at the best prices possible.




Mr. Steam believes in offering the best service possible, at the best prices possible!
Check price to compare quality and prices with other local detailing companies.
We're confident enough that our high quality service and prices will highly favourable. 
Below are some prices and packages that you can enjoy:


  • Exterior hand wash:
    starting from $25.00 for cars.
    starting from $30.00 for van / SUV.

    Includes: hand car wash with super suds high quality soap. hand dry with real leather chamois. rims cleaned out with rim cleaner substance and brush.

    Estimated time for car: 10-15 minutes.
    Estimated time for van / SUV: 12 - 17 minutes.

  •  In-and-out:
    starting from $40.00 for cars.
    starting from $60.00 for van / SUV.

    Includes exterior hand wash package, windows cleaned in and out, interior wipe (dashboard), mats cleaned, interior  vacuumed:

    Interior Armor $10
    ADD Floor mats shampoo $5 ea

    Estimated time for car: 20-25 minutes.
    Estimated time for van / SUV: 25 - 30 minutes.

Exterior Packages:

  • Clay treatment & Sealant
    starting from $150.00.

    Removes paint over spray, asphalt, tar and cement from paint surface

    **Claying gets rid of fine contaminants including road film.  

    Special paint sealant keeps your car looking longer and ensures long-lasting shine and protection

    Protect your car from acid rain and fading paint

  • High speed polishing & buffing          starting from $400.00

    Special compound & high speed polishers remove surface oxidation and scratches

    Step1. Clay treatment
    Step2. High speed polishing
    Step3. Hand apply Sealant and buffing

    (fixes "scratchy sandpaper" feel on car's surfaces caused by severe and prolonged contamination. This process also fixes swirls and minor scratches.)

    SUV, Mini VAN $100 extra.
    Price may vary depending on condition.

Steam Detailing Packages:

  • Premium Package (Best Value):
    starting from $160.00.

    Exterior hand wash
    Exterior Tire / Rim clean and tire dressing
    Window Cleaning (interior / exterior)
    Interior vacuum
    Interior STEAM wash, including carpeting, dashboard, seats, mats.
    Interior dressing and conditioning (leather treatment)
    Interior Stain Removal*

    Estimated time for car: 3.5 hours.
    Estimated time for van / SUV: 4 hours.

    SUV, Mini VAN $50 extra.
    Price may vary depending on condition.

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